Alien encounters at the Embassy

August 2015

This summer I spent two and a half months in Europe together with my three year old daughter. We came back to Delhi in at the end of August, where my husband was waiting for us. It was still very hot and humid and of course as usual dusty, loud and crowded. Normally I try to get out of the city as soon as possible under these circumstances, but as it takes a minimum of 10 hours to the capital from where we live, I seized the opportunity to renew my passport which expires at the end of this year, so I could save an extra journey.

After a dusty Rickshaw ride through the heat I found myself sitting on a bench outside of the small office counter number 4 of the German embassy, where I was waiting for my turn together with a bunch of other people, mostly Indians. After some time the guy next to me stretched out his hand and introduced himself as Dr. M. He was a Westerner in his late 40’s, slim with short hair, a big nose and was wearing khaki shorts and a tank top, that might have been white some time ago. He did not look much like a doctor of any kind to me, but who knows, maybe he was a backpacking physician or something like this.

Without me asking anything, he started to explain that he had been living in India for 3 years and that he was actually a healer. It is common to meet many kinds of foreign therapists traveling or living in India and I decided to put some interest into his story; waiting there was boring anyways. I asked him, what kind of healing he was practicing. What followed, was a looong monolog:

“I do all kind of healing. I opened a clinic here in Delhi with two partners. I have already healed many famous people, like the former president of Australia. They come to me. Actually I have changed my body seven times. This body, which you see here… I just decided to take it. The guy who had it was sick and died. And then my eyes changed: Look!”

He stared at me. I looked him in the eyes; they were brown.

“Ahhhhh!” I said and thought, why not. In the end, this is India, where people change bodies all the time.

“In 2017 the world will face a big changing. I will come to clean and destroy it all and then I will create everything from the start. You will see!”

“Just like Shiva!” I said and nodded.

“Yes, kind of. If you are going to be there, you have to follow the light point and ask for Dr. M. – They know me very well. You know, actually the thing is that we are all programmed. They programmed us, a long time ago, when we were still connected to mother and father alien. Give me your hand!”

Illustration courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">talamaletina</a>

Illustration courtesy of talamaletina

He took my hand and performed some tickling movements, combined with some turns and strokes on the back of it. He looked very concentrated and nodded knowingly from time to time.

“Your hormones are not balanced. I just fixed it. Oh, I forgot to check your blood sugar”

And he started again to reprogram me through the back of my hand. I noticed that the Indians who shared the bench with us were observing us discretely from the corner of their eyes; for me it was the first time that I ever witnessed natives in India observing a situation tactfully. I was actually more used to be stared at without any embarrassment by Indians, often with their faces just an inch away from my own.

The situation was indeed odd and I joked

“I hope you didn’t put any alien inside of me!”

He smiled and replied “You already ARE an alien, my dear!”

Then he was called in by the lady behind the counter. Only after a few seconds he stepped out again and said

“Oh, I just asked her to bring me a cup of coffee” 

I guess this was supposed to be a joke, unless he really was a V.I.P. 

It was my turn. The AC had broken down and I was sweating intensely inside of the small room. To make matters worse, I had thought that I could pay the fee in Euros, but it was to be paid in rupees, which I did not have on me. Now, I had to go back to the Hotel and again return to the embassy. As I went off, I hurriedly said goodbye to Dr. M. and wished him good luck.

When I came back after about two hours I was surprised to see through the glass door that Dr. M. was still there, talking vividly to the lady behind the counter. Maybe he was negotiating another cup of coffee. He smiled when he spotted me and stuck his head out of the door to ask if I would like to have a cup of chai with him after the business. I replied that I had to go back to the hotel straight away as my child was waiting there. “Oh you have a child?!” He seemed surprised.

I was called into the office next, as my application was already done and I only had to pay the fee. When I walked out, I saw Dr. M. sitting on the bench next to another Western woman, holding her hand.

By the way: It is said that we Germans are a serious Nation. The German Ambassador in Delhi, Mr. Steiner, proved the contrary by creating this amazing Bollywood video, acting himself as the main character: It’s really fun and you can check it out on Youtube: German Embassy goes Bollywood