My mother is French, my father is German and I’ve been living in Spain for many years. So I am not really sure where my roots actually are; probably there is a part of them dwelling at several places.

In Spain I was living a normal peoples’ life, and doing normal peoples’ things, having a normal office job.

I guess nowadays it is also considered normal to end up suffering from the burn-out-syndrome…

So did I, and ended up trying to find a way to relax my body and soul. This is how Yoga found me.

Yoga brought me to India and the trails of life brought me to the Himalayas and eventually to Baba Cake…



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    • Hello Katie,
      nice, October is a very good time to visit Rishikesh, it is really beautiful this time of the year.
      You already know where to go for yoga? If not, you should try Surrender Singh, he is amazing and teaching with love and devotion (Hatha Yoga). If you need some advice or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you 🙂
      Greetings from the Himalayas

  1. HI! I found you while searching for a place to do a hindu conversion certification in rishikesh. Do you mind sharing the lawyer you went to or who you went to for the hindu conversion? Thank you!

    • I am not sure if I would recommend this guy to anybody and unfortunately I don’t have his contact details anymore. Sorry! But maybe you can go to the court in Haridwar, there are plenty of lawyers around, but better if you ask a local if he can recommend someone to you. Cheers!

  2. Hey Uma,
    I bumped into your website, while following a link from Sharell cook, which was forwarded to me by a friend. I am from India but live in Sweden living a normal life (as per your terms :). I finished reading all of your blogs in one go as it gives an entirely different perspective of how one would look it from a foreigner’s angle.
    I was quite amazed by certain facts for example why the windows are never hermetically sealed, the walls with cow-dung stuffed, you being chased down by a mob (for curious reasons). Its hard to visualise unless you come from a different planet :). I also quite liked your narration how contrast India mettles in during your visit to the shopping mall right from a temperature difference to existence of luxury brands of Europe to a slum dwelling half a mile away. Indeed despite all the difference, there exists a sense of belongingness (like no problem) that binds individuals with the extended families (like you mentioned) under the concept of “Atithi devo bhaba”- a guest is treated as a no less god.
    Also your pregnancy stories, docs not sharing the info, a patient might seek for and expecting foreigner to be rich by default (even if you are a back-packer) was quite a reflection, especially (me) having lived in Europe for good years and seeing the hikers and their interest in spending less in accommodation and food (saving that extra buck for another beer) is certainly different from an Indian mentality of better accommodation (so called attached bath room etc. and tasty food) to name a few.
    I was quite moved by your courage to settle India, away from the materialistic pleasure and accepting a challenge to settle with someone who doesnt even speak English to your understanding! Hats off to you and your quest of prominence to adaptation.
    Though I come from Odisha and lived in Bangalore for most of my life, I will make it a point to visit you in case I end up in Rishikesh sometime.
    For the moment, I would wish you all the luck and hope you continue to help mankind with the noble acts you are involved with.
    Best wishes to you, Baba and your lovely daughter.

    • Hi,
      I really enjoyed reading your comment! It feels good to get a feedback on the blog and see that people find it actually interesting and even take their time to write some lines, thank you for that!
      We actually live in Almora, but it is not too far from Rishikesh (…in Indian terms, you know what I mean…)
      If you like you can also check on our fb page: https://www.facebook.com/babacake.kasar
      I will be posting again more regularly soon.
      Thanks for your kind words, hope to see you around the himalayas someday!
      Enjoy life!

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